My name is Maria Sciarrino and I am a digital strategist residing in Philadelphia, PA.

I’ve been building and maintaining digital marketing platforms and channels for over 20 years, mostly in the higher education, retail, and cultural sectors.

I wound up here because when I was an undergrad studying photography, I wanted to build a portfolio site for myself. This eventually grew into small web projects for other creatives until it became a steady, full-time job. Outside of this work, I ran Philadelphia’s first music blog and moonlighted as a freelance photojournalist.

These days, I work (remotely) for an incredible creative agency.

My work and practice intersect with the disciplines of user research, user experience (UX), information architecture (IA), content strategy, analytics, and digital governance.

In my role as a strategist, I help uncover a client’s needs through discovery, relying upon my academic training in social science research, setting a vision for their projects. I translate these needs with my agency colleagues to build a useful, usable, and beautiful product. Lastly, I train and educate clients on how to keep its content fresh and the operations behind it running smoothly.

My work has won a variety of awards, including a 2020 Webby.

I told you, I do it all. That’s why I’m the Queen of the Goddamn Internet.