My name is Maria Sciarrino and I am a web content manager residing in Philadelphia, PA.

I’ve been building and maintaining digital marketing platforms and channels for over 15 years, mostly in the higher education, retail, and cultural sectors. I wound up here because when I was an undergrad, I wanted to build a portfolio site for myself. This eventually grew into small web projects for other creatives. In addition to this, I ran Philadelphia’s first music blog for a few years.

I feel like “web content manager” is such a broad descriptor, with my job touching upon so many different parts of the digital experience, but it’s the closest I can get to describing what it is I do. I live in a space where front-end development, user experience, content strategy, social media, and marketing intersect.

Some days my job might entail performing a content audit, other days it’s building out and implementing UI elements for a company’s CMS or coding a marketing newsletter. And then there are the days where I train colleagues on how to effectively plan and content for the web, not to mention the times where I am scheduling content out for our social platforms, or providing research and measurement of our marketing tactics.

I told you, I do it all. That’s why I’m the Queen of the Goddamn Internet.