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The Production & Use of Popular Music Concert Photographs

Photographs serve as documents of the concert experience for popular music publications. Current scholarship does not address the reliance upon concert photographs as “news” within the institution of music journalism. Using interviews with freelance concert photographers and editors at various print and online music publications, this study examines the social, technological, and institutional forces that shape the production and selection process. The findings of this study suggest a variety of industry factors and technological advances for photographers and editors significantly influence the visual rhetoric of concert photography. The problems of creating and selecting images raise important questions about the concert photograph’s ability to describe events.

January, 2010. 78 pages.

Advisor, Dr. Nancy Morris. Committee: Drs. Jan Fernback and Andrew Mendelson.
Temple University IRB Project No. 12479.

APA: Sciarrino, M. T. (2010, January). The Production and Use of Popular Music Concert Photographs (Master's thesis). Philadelphia, PA: Temple University.