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If you are in search of a practitioner of UX to help you get your project, business, or organization back on track and meeting your goals and objectives, you're in the right place! I love working on projects where I can help you uncover a need that's not being addressed, and help you find ways of approaching it successfully.


As a skilled practitioner of UX, I can:

  • Help align business objectives with the development of your product or service by developing project priorities and usage statistics through the use of task analyses and customer journey maps.
  • Conduct research using an array of qualitative and quantitative methods—interviews, surveys, and field studies to name a few—to help you better understand your customers.
  • Facilitate collaborative design and brainstorming workshops to create consensus around ideas and products.
  • Produce user personas, scenarios, wireframes, card sorts, content audits, taxonomies, and design specifications to ensure your product provides the best experience for your users.
  • Execute product/service testing or usability studies to gain feedback and further strengthen your products and ideas.
  • Develop pattern libraries, style guides, best practice guidelines, and other kinds of documentation to unify, solidify, and guide your teams in the future.

This is only a small part of the process. I believe in tailoring my approach to best fit your needs.

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